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Bezoek de Hypnose Theater Show
Altijd hypnose aan den lijve willen beleven of zien voltrekken? Twijfel je of het allemaal echt is?
Zin in een toffe avond uit vol verwondering, hypnose en humor?
Klik dan snel voor de locaties en boek uw tickets!

Hypnotiseur en spreker

De sympathiekste hypnotiseur van de Benelux!

Dominik Messiaen laat in zijn hypnosevoorstellingen mensen de kracht van hun verbeelding ontdekken.


Door zijn uitstraling en toegankelijkheid krijgt hij na elke show en workshop steevast massa's vragen. Omdat hij zijn kennis en inzichten graag deelt, ontwikkelde hij een lezing. Hierin demonstreert hij de werking van het brein en reikt tools aan voor meer effectiviteit door heldere communicatie en een doelgerichte mindset.


Hij volgde de opleiding tot hypnotherapeut bij de European Academy of Hypnosis en bezocht verschillende masterclasses in het buitenland.


Meer weten over Dominik zelf, klik hier of bekijk hieronder de mogelijkheden.

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Hypnose voorstelling

Toffe comedy avond in theater of zaal

Perfect als afsluiter van seminaries en congressen, voor galashows en campussen

Hypnose workshop

Experience hypnosis yourself

Ideaal als teambuilding of  break 

Budgetvriendelijk voor kleinere groepen

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Hoover over de tekst voor pauze

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Sietse Huysmans (KU Leuven)

Very strong act. Even for the critical minds of the scientists on our department day. It's unbelievable how you let Thomas write down his PIN under hypnosis without him remembering anything...



Geloof jij in hypnose...?
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnosis?

Everyone experiences a hypnotic trance several times a day without realizing it. It is a very natural state that you e.g. experience when you are completely absorbed in a book or when you intensely watch a movie.


You are also in that state just before you fall asleep or just before you wake up. It is a state during which your subconscious mind takes over control. Through a number of techniques, a hypnotist can help you reach that state.


During the trance, the hypnotist can then formulate a number of suggestions that are subconsciously incorporated. Do you  want to know more about this theme, take a look at our blog


Can anyone go into hypnosis?

Anyone who can focus and let their imagination run wild can go into hypnosis. In other words: anyone who has normal intelligence. It is true that this is not the same for everyone. This also does not always work at all times or in every situation. If you are distracted or not concentrated because you have a lot of worries, this won't work.

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Absolutely. As stated above, hypnosis is a very natural state. In a trance you also remain fully aware of your surroundings and you continue to function normally . You just feel very relaxed and receptive to positive suggestions. You can best compare it with falling in love . You don't see the other as he or she is and you feel over the moon. Yet you continue to function normally and remain fully aware.

In addition, Dominik Messiaen followed the hypnotherapy training  at the European Hypnosis Academy where he passed the exams with brilliance. He also continues to follow master classes so he can apply the most modern hypnosis techniques and keep abreast of recent evolutions in the hypnosis world. By the way, are you looking for help from a professional hypnotherapist? Click on the appropriate button in the menu. 

Is participation in the show voluntary or am I required to participate?

Participation is completely voluntary but it would be a shame if you ignore that wonderful experience. Dominik Messiaen always treats his volunteers with respect and ensures that everyone, on stage or in the audience, has a blissful experience.

Can a hypnotist do things that go against your will or moral values?

No that is not possible. Your moral values are deeply rooted in your subconscious and would automatically get the upper hand. Dominik Messiaen guarantees always the physical and mental safety and integrity of every volunteer and spectator.

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