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 Hypnosis Show 

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The hypnosis show is a slimmed-down version of the theatrical performance "The Power of Imagination" .


Perfect in circumstances where a real theater setting proves impossible.

Ideal for corporate events and for student auditoria.

If desired, we provide professional sound and light.


Duration: 45-90 minutes

Number of spectators: 50-10.000

Let us guide you from A to Z

Customized flyers and posters, a Safety Management Guide, Tips and Tricks.

Everything has been thought of! This way you sleep on both ears and your event gets the look it deserves.


Enjoy peace of mind.

The “Award of Excellence”, awarded by Eventplanner, guarantees you the best hypnosis acts and excellence across the board. Professional hypnosis shows, smooth communication in 4 languages and a dream to work with!

See first, then believe? Watch the trailer of the hypnosis show and see for yourself!

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Groepsvoorstelling: Functies

Why choose the Charming Hypnotist's show?

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Quality guaranteed

The Charming Hypnotist  won the Award of Excellence in 2018 and 2019, awarded by Eventplanner, the largest event platform in the Benelux. This guarantees you excellent hypnosis entertainment, smooth communication and top customer service.

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Respectful Comedy

Show Hypnotist The Charming Hypnotist only uses clean and respectful comedy suitable for all ages. As you can see from the live footage, the situation is always funny for the public as well as for the participants. Everyone goes home with a good feeling!

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Safe and responsible

Safety is the absolute top priority during the hypnosis show. This hypnotist follows the guidelines of the UK Hypnotism Act, the strictest in the world. He also prepared a Risk Assessment and Safety Management Guide which you can obtain on request. The Charming Hypnotist guarantees you a safe and responsible hypnosis show.

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