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Workshop Hypnosis

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Ideal as a break during a meeting or for teambuilding.


Hypnotist Dominik Messiaen explains how hypnosis works and debunks some of the myths surrounding hypnosis. He then hypnotizes 1 or more volunteers and demonstrates the power of (self)hypnosis. 

Very strong impact on the participants!

- 100% safe

- Duration: 30-60 minutes; splitting possible

- Ideal as a kickstart, break or as team building

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Workshop: Over
Workshop: Diensten
Waarom kiezen voor de Hypnose Workshop van The Charming Hypnotist?
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Quality guarantee

The Charming Hypnotist  won the Award of Excellence in 2018 and 2019, awarded by Eventplanner, the largest event platform in the Benelux. This guarantees excellent hypnosis entertainment, smooth communication and top customer service.

Budget friendly

For the workshop you only need a small, quiet room with chairs for the participants. If you want to rent entertainment for a limited group, this is the perfect formula with an optimal price-quality ratio.


The participants experience hypnosis up close and some volunteers personally experience the possibilities of hypnosis. Moreover  there is sufficient space for your own input and/or questions. Will be talked about for a long time!

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