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Checklist central act

Dear Customer,

To guarantee a smooth running on the day of the performance, please arrange or check the following things in advance:

  • Let the room manager know that a show hypnotist is coming to perform. Also let them know that I will arrive approximately 90 minutes before the start of the performance to set up my material.

  • Ask the venue manager to clear the nearest parking space and open the closest entrance to the stage.

  • Ask the room manager to provide a clean, heated changing room where I can safely leave my belongings. A toilet is not enough for this…

  • Ask the room manager for a floor plan of the room with the position of the stage.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, the organizer will provide a professional sound system with at least 2 free channels. The Charming Hypnotist will bring his own wireless microphone and MP3 player with remote control. The organizer also provides a technician who connects this to the installation at least one hour before the start of the performance. When positioning the loudspeakers, the danger of return when using the microphone is taken into account.

  • The podium must be at least 3 m wide and 2 m deep. The podium should be neither too low nor too high. That depends on the number of spectators and the layout of the room. The following heights are recommended. With a seated audience: 40 cm if > 40 spectators, 60 cm if > 80 spectators, 80 cm if > 120 spectators, 100 cm if > 160 spectators. With a standing audience: the same height + 50 cm. The organizer provides a staircase centrally at the front to get on or off the stage. The audience sits as close to the stage as possible. There should be no empty space between the stage and the audience. Chairs or tables are arranged in a quarter or hemisphere in front of the stage. There is no audience behind or next to the stage.

  • The stage must be sufficiently lit from both sides. The hall light must be able to be extinguished just before the performance.
    The organizer provides a presenter who demands the attention of the audience just before the artist appears. If necessary, the presenter asks certain spectators to move or to switch off the mobile phone. The artist provides a short introductory text that the presenter finally reads aloud.

  • The performance is “closed”. This means that no one enters, leaves or walks around the hall during the performance. There are no disruptive activities during the performance. For example, the spectators are not served and no tables are cleared during the performance.

If certain technical conditions cannot be met, please let us know well in advance. If possible, we will look for a solution together.

If this is not possible, we will propose the mobile act as an alternative. However, if this only appears on site, the customer owes the agreed purchase price for the central act.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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