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Keynote: Welkom
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Keynote about hypnosis

The ideal kickstart for your meeting

This hands-on keynote immediately sets the mood. Educational and entertaining.


After a short explanation, all attendees can roll up their sleeves and experience the power of hypnosis for themselves.

The content of the hypnosis keynote can be adapted to any audience . Sales people, doctors, therapists, sports people, lawyers, ... Many professions can use NLP and covert hypnosis to achieve better results.

Duration: 15 to 60 minutes

Number of participants: 10-10,000

Keynote: Functies

Why choose The Charming Hypnotist's hypnosis keynote

Certificate of Excellence 2019 WIX - era

Quality guarantee

The Charming Hypnotist  was awarded the de Award of Excellence in 2018 and 2019, awarded by Eventplanner, the largest event platform in the Benelux. So the guarantee that you  boven excellent hypnosis entertainment, smooth communication and top customer service.

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Tailored to each target group

Hypnosis has many applications in various domains. NLP and covert hypnosis are consciously and unconsciously used in education, sales, top sport, therapy, medicine, the legal profession and others to optimize results. Hypnotist Dominik Messiaen focuses his keynote each time on the relevant target group.

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As a Master of Applied Linguistics, The Charming Thief performs all his hypnosis acts fluent  in Dutch, French, English and German. International companies especially appreciate this.

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