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Gratis MP3 Minder Stress

Hieronder vind je 2 versies van de audiohypnose, 1 mét en 1 zonder muziek. Zo kan je voor jezelf bepalen wat voor jou het beste werkt. Zorg dat je ongeveer een kwartier ongestoord kan neerliggen op een zetel of bed. Je kan de audio beluisteren in stressvolle periodes of gewoon om rustig te relaxen en jouw mentale weerbaarheid te versterken. Dit werkt het beste als je de audio een paar dagen na elkaar beluistert, bij voorkeur ergens 's avonds voor het slapen zodat jouw onderbewustzijn met de nieuwe informatie aan de slag kan. DUBBELKLIK om de audio te starten. Veel luisterplezier! 

TIP: sla deze pagina op bij je favorieten of noteer de link . Zo kan je de audio altijd en overal beluisteren!

Minder Stress 1Mét muziek
00:00 / 17:07
Minder Stress 2Zonder muziek
00:00 / 16:14

Do this fun mind illusion with your friends as often as you want. All you need is the spinning spiral below and a volunteer. Do the illusion with yourself the first time so that you can experience the effect yourself.

How do you proceed? Press the "play" button and focus on the center of the spinning spiral for at least 20 seconds while imagining you are looking into a tunnel . Then look at the head of your friend. If you have focused well, you will suddenly see that head much bigger.

This works best on a large screen, but it can also work perfectly on a smartphone. Make sure you play the video at the maximum screen size . It's also important that the person whose head you want to see bigger is at least a few feet away from you . It's best to experiment with the distance before you do it with your friends. 

You will also find a second movie with a slightly different but perhaps even nicer effect that works very well on a smartphone. Please note that you do not do this with someone with epilepsy or a mental / neurological disorder . Since I have no control over this, you do this on your own responsibility. For the same reason, the video is only available to people who are at least 18 years old. Again focus on the center of the image for at least 20 seconds. If you feel bad, stop immediately. After 20 seconds, look at your hand and notice how it looks like your hand is melting.

Have fun with it!

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